Why Global Proof is Important

by | Feb 3, 2021 | Marketing

When new products come to market, it often takes years for the benefits they offer to ‘sink in’ and make sense to a broad number of people. Global Proof is Important!!

The Journal of International Business published a study  that analyzed data from the US and Korea. The findings were interesting, and the paper spent significant time discussing perceived brand globalness (PBG). The bottom line is that PBG significantly influences the likelihood of brand purchase, 

“If a brand is perceived to be global, that creates value in the mind of consumers,” said co-author Jan-Benedict E.M. Steenkamp, PhD. “Most of the value creation is through the fact that consumers ascribe products that are global to be of good quality.” The report also stated that the second impact of a global brand is prestige. 

When the new concept of vertical printing started, it was in Asia and in Europe. In fact, the very first US-based company to enter the wall printing market was, and remains, The Wall Printer. Each of the companies that has started and grown from that 2020 launch considered the impact that the proven global marketplace would have on their ability to sell wall prints and murals domestically. 

Here’s a breakdown of some of the feedback we’ve had about how global use impacted customer decisions:

  1. Proof of concept and market: because vertical printing is such a new idea, knowing that it has taken hold overseas made a big difference. The fact that people not only used vertical printing but also embraced it for its efficiency and effectiveness made it easier to get on board.
  2. Proof of market: Businesses across the world have spent the last couple of years learning what works and what doesn’t work in terms of positioning and market penetration. They’ve given us insights into how to sell effectively, and data to prove how well the products work and last.
  3. Perceived stability: understanding that companies have started and prospered in Malaysia and Indonesia, from Iraq to Italy, and beyond, demonstrates that there is a market, that people from all walks of life can use it, and there’s a business case to be made.
  4. Growth Opportunity: as the delivery of services has increased, so has the demand and growth of those “early adopters” providing those services. Increased revenue and the need to add more vertical printing machines and operators have served as proof that the opportunity can provide a great income to vertical printing businesses, while creating and satisfying the increased consumer demand for these services.

Whatever reasons you have for appreciating our global footprint and wall art services and solutions, we’re thrilled to be able to represent business owners from Ireland to Puerto Rico, from Texas to Massachusetts, from Canada to Columbia, and from the Carolinas to Montana. Let your success be part of our vision: making the world more beautiful, one wall at a time.

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