The Wall Printer (TWP) Strikes Gold with Fashion/Art World

by | Nov 16, 2022 | Press Releases

TWP’s Printer is operating virtually non-stop throughout Louis Vuitton’s “200 Trunks, 200 Visionaries: The Exhibit” in New York City

Richard Jacovitz

NEW YORK, NY – November 17, 2022 – The Wall Printer (TWP), the only vertical wall printer sold by a U.S. based business, is part of the last stop of Louis Vuitton’s exhibit “200 Trunks, 200 Visionaries: The Exhibition”.The last leg of the nearly year-long traveling exhibition is part of the two hundredth anniversary of Louis Vuitton’s birthday and is currently in New York City at Barney’s former flagship store, now through December 31, 2022. TWP’s vertical printing machine appears in the department store’s Madison Avenue display window next to the entrance of the exhibit. The machine is constantly printing large poster like eye-catching images of the many LV trunk designs on exhibit throughout the former department store.  The exhibit is open free to the viewing public. Reservations for tours can be made online.

The exhibition is comprised of 200 Louis Vuitton Trunks with artwork designed by 200 visionaries, artists, thinkers, and designers.  Just to name a few: Marc Jacobs with Stephen Sprouse; Kim Jones with Supreme; activist Gloria Steinem; makeup artist Pat McGrath; architects Frank Gehry and Peter Marino; and cognitive scientist Scott Barry Kaufman, and many others.  

About The Wall Printer

The Wall Printer (TWP) is a new way to print vertically. The printer facilitates durable image printing, indoors or outdoors, on any surface, to display original art, murals, or signage. The Wilmington, NC-based company can help make the world more beautiful – one wall at a time at www.thewallprinter.com.

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