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The Wall Printer is a unique business opportunity for entrepreneurs who are eager to introduce cutting-edge ideas and technology to their community. With TWP’s unmatched lifetime support and the highest quality machines available, we’re laying the groundwork for your success in the Wall Printing industry. Let our TWP team help you establish the thriving business you’ve been longing for.

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Who is TWP?

Founded by Paul Baron and based in Wilmington NC, TWP is a industrial  wall & floor printer manufacturer sold direct to emerging and existing businesses, schools, athletic departments, artists and more. We’re all about empowering visionary individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit to bring cutting-edge technology and exceptional services to their community.

What We Do

TWP is here to help guide, train and support your Wall & Floor printing journey from the start. We offer comprehensive training, support for any issues you come across and the tools (ink, accessories etc.) you need to start successful Wall & Floor printing business.

What Does It Cost?

Our best selling T-Series model is priced at 35k USD. We offer discount packages for multiple printers as well as financing options for those who qualify.

As with any business, you should expect monthly expenses. Staff, marketing, overhead, to name a few. We like to be transparent with this as we know its not for everyone. Our printers are built around a business model that provides local printing services in your area. That being said, this is an extremely low entry cost point considering the average ROI is 6-8 months.

Our Start

Serial entrepreneur Paul Baron, known for finding or developing innovative products and bringing these to market, discovered vertical wall printing, a concept widely recognized in Asia, India, the Middle East, and Europe but unknown to the Americas and Canada. This technology’s potential for creating cost-effective indoor and outdoor murals for artists and property owners immediately captured his interest. Paul was drawn to the ability to print on any surface material with precision and reliability. Additionally, and more significantly, a tool to create profitable revenue opportunities for entrepreneurs and established businesses.

In 2019, after evaluating several manufacturers, Paul secured a partnership with Asia’s most established and leading vertical wall printing technology provider. He was convinced by their unmatched combination of value, price, design quality, assembly, and the level of support necessary for scaling in the North and South American markets.

Following investment with Paul’s new partnership, Wall Printing USA was created and has, in the past 4 years, successfully sold over 150 printers, creating 120+ new business ventures across more than 100 markets throughout the mainland US, Canada, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Puerto Rico. They are actively inviting potential clients to explore the lucrative business opportunity that Wall Printing presents.

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 The main reason we chose The Wall Printer is because it came with

support, and I’m happy that the support actually came through. Whenever I had an

issue, all I had to do was create a ticket via Zoom, FaceTime, or whichever platform I

needed at the moment. During the first couple of weeks after getting the printer, they

were readily available. We’re really grateful for The Wall Printer for supporting us

and helping us build our business.

Megan & Carlton J – Owners of Divine Wall Murals