Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ’s

What Is Wall Printing?

Wall Printing stands as a groundbreaking business opportunity, & TWP is distinguished as the global leader in vertical wall printing technology. It offers the freedom to print any image on any wall, without size restrictions, tapping into your creative potential. Beyond its innovative appeal, TWP presents a lucrative business venture with a high return on investment (ROI). Where you can explore the vast possibilities of reshaping environments with our advanced printing solutions, while capitalizing on a high-demand, profitable service that promises to elevate your business landscape.

How Do I Know If TWP Is The Right Investment For Me?

If you’re exploring whether The Wall Printer fits your investment and business aspirations, consider its standing as a cost-effective, highly profitable service business opportunity. It’s perfectly suited for both emerging startups and established businesses aiming to enhance their revenue streams. Wall printing presents a distinctive path to expansion and profit, making it worth evaluating how this innovative service could align with and advance your business strategy.

What Does The Warranty Cover?

Enjoy peace of mind with a comprehensive 1-year warranty on your printer’s hardware and software. Plus, the Epson Printhead is safeguarded by a 1-year defect protection plan. TWP goes the extra mile by offering backup components for non-warranty ‘wear and tear’ parts of the ink delivery system, ensuring your investment is protected. Our customers experience the full benefits of our warranty and support services for a hassle-free printing experience.

What If My Machine Fails or I Have A Problem With My Machine?

Every TWP customer experiences uninterrupted success with our around-the-clock support for your printing needs. Every Wall & Floor Printer sold comes with complimentary unlimited lifetime support, ensuring you have the assistance you need at no extra charge. Our dedicated Support Team is available 7 days a week to resolve any technical issues, providing you with seamless service and peace of mind. 

How Long Does The Printer Take To Set Up On Site?

Users experience swift and efficient setup with TWP printers, ready in just 10-15 minutes. Factor in additional time for travel, surface preparation, and site readiness, including furniture relocation and removal of wall-mounted items, to ensure a seamless printing process. This allows you to maximize your printing projects with minimal setup time and comprehensive pre-print preparation guidance.

How Quickly Can I Start My Wall Printing Business?

Embarking on your Wall Printing business journey is an exciting process, with delivery of your machine(s) typically taking approximately 6 to 8 weeks. Securing your territory (if available) and initiating your investment begins with a 50% deposit. To personalize your printer and enhance your brand presence, we offer complimentary cabinet branding with your company logo, name, contact information, and website. If you’re ready to take the next steps, fill out the form HERE and we will be in touch!

Do You Offer Financing?

Yes, we provide flexible financing solutions through partnerships with various financing entities, tailored to suit your financial circumstances, credit history, and other relevant factors. For detailed information on how you can benefit from our custom financing options, CONTACT US. Let us help you make your Wall Printing business investment more accessible and manageable.

Are You A Manufacturer Or Dealer?

Wall Printing USA operates as the manufacturer and the exclusive distributor in North & South America, Mexico, and other English-speaking countries. CEO Paul Baron holds multiple patents on our machines, underscoring our commitment to innovation and quality. We maintain a comprehensive inventory of machines, parts, inks (manufactured in the USA), and accessories to ensure we meet our customers’ needs promptly and efficiently. TWP continuously evolves our technology and offerings to lead in the wall printing industry.

Are There Multi Printer Discount Packages?

Yes, we offer discounts on multiple printer purchases. Please CONTACT US for more information.

What Is A Protected Territory?

A protected territory with TWP means that during an active Agreement, we commit not to sell a printer to any individual or company within your designated territory’s boundaries without your written consent. However, TWP retains the right to sell printers to organizations intending to use the equipment internally rather than for resale. In such cases, an exclusive territory owner is entitled to a referral fee of $2,500. Furthermore, any leads or referrals generated by TWP’s advertising for wall or floor printing services within your protected territory will be directed to you, the territory owner, for management. This ensures you have exclusive access and opportunities within your area, enhancing your business potential. CONTACT US to see if your territory is available.

Is TWP A Franchise?

No. Each entrepreneur that purchases a printer from TWP is the sole owner and in control of their own business. TWP does not take royalties or any kind of monies outside of the maintenance, supplies and printer purchases.

Technical FAQ’s

How Many Colors Do The Printers Use?

Our Wall and Floor printers use 5 foundation colors, CMYKW cyan, magenta, yellow, black & white. Our water based printers use four colors CMYK, no white. 

Do You Need A Flat Surface For The Wall Printer To Move Along The Wall?

TWP printers are capable of producing high-quality murals and designs on uneven walls. Featuring the industry-leading Ultrasonic sensors for irregularities, our technology ensures flawless results. For optimal performance, a smoothe, flat floor surface is required when printing on wheels, while our innovative track system allows for exceptional printing and leveling outdoors or on uneven floors. TWP customers experience unparalleled printing precision and near photo quality results with our cutting-edge solutions.

What Type Of Ink Does It Use & Where Can I Purchase?

TWP Printers use UV (Ultra-Violet) Inks and are neither Solvent nor Oil-Based. They are a unique blend of compounds that are specially formulated to cure when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light instead of oxidation (air). These unique inks dry much faster, resulting in sharper and more vibrant images than regular conventional inks. UV printing actually offers several environmental benefits. UV inks are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and do not release harmful fumes into the air during the curing process. These inks are made exclusively by and are purchased from TWP, in the USA, for unmatched quality. Please note, damages from using alternative inks fall outside our warranty coverage.

What Type Of Files Do I Need?

Our printers accept JPG, JPEG, PSD, EPS & TIFF files. Vector files are ideal.

What Is The Durability Of The Ink/Prints? Are They For Indoor or Outdoor Use?

The durability of TWP’s ink is designed to meet the demands of both indoor and outdoor applications. Indoors, our prints can last for over 10 years without any noticeable fading, showcasing their longevity and quality. For outdoor use, the prints maintain their vibrancy for 2-3 years, even without the application of an optional protective coating. This exceptional durability ensures that whether you’re decorating an indoor space or bringing life to an outdoor setting, TWP’s technology delivers lasting beauty and impact.

What Is The Maximum Print Size?

TWP’s advanced printers offer versatile print sizes to accommodate any project. With the standard rail, achieve a maximum print height of 5ft 6in, and with the extended rail, expand up to 8ft 8in. Beyond these dimensions, our cutting-edge image stitching technology enables the flawless merging of multiple prints into one vast mural, effectively offering limitless print size options. This ensures a seamless and intricate visual experience for prints of any scale.

What Materials Can I Print On?

TWP printers are exceptionally versatile, capable of printing on a wide range of surfaces including all signage substrates such as painted surfaces, brick, sheet rock, stucco, paper, wood, stone, concrete, canvas, and cinder block. Furthermore, our advanced UV printers extend the possibilities to nonporous materials like glass, plastic, tile, metal, and more. We are continually expanding our capabilities by testing different materials, and we invite our customers to send us products for test printing, ensuring that we can meet a broad spectrum of creative needs and applications

Is It Possible To Stitch Multiple Images Together To Increase The Overall Print Size

Yes, our technology allows for image stitching both vertically and horizontally, enabling the creation of larger overall print sizes. This process involves precise image editing and extra setup time to guarantee that your images align perfectly. By leveraging image stitching, you can significantly expand the dimensions of your print, offering unlimited potential for your creative projects.

Can The Printer Handle Slightly Curved Surfaces Or Is It Limited To Flat Surfaces?

Our printers are capable of printing on slightly curved surfaces, with the feasibility depending on both the image size and the curvature of the surface. While our tracks are engineered for straight-line use, the printer itself does not track along curves. This means that for certain curved surfaces, successful printing is achievable, offering flexibility beyond flat surfaces for your creative projects

How Is The Wall Printer Transported, What Is The Overall Weight & How Many People Does It Take To Assemble On A Job Site?

The Wall Printer arrives nearly fully assembled and can easily be transported in an SUV with the back seats down or a larger vehicle with 5′ clearance. For ease of transport, full assembly and setup should take no more than 30 minutes. The complete setup of our printing equipment breaks down into manageable components: the frame weighs approximately 90lbs (40kg), the chassis around 35lbs (15kg), and the track roughly 80lbs (35kg). For efficient and safe assembly at the job site, it requires the collaboration of two people. This ensures a smooth setup process, allowing you to get started on your printing project promptly.

Is there Any Kind Of Power Protection In The Event Of A Power Failure?

Yes, our printers are designed with surge protection capabilities to ensure reliability and safety during the printing process. To further safeguard against power loss on site, we recommend the use of a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). This additional precaution helps prevent interruptions, guaranteeing a smooth and continuous print operation.

How Often Should I Perform Maintenance On My Printer?

Regular maintenance of your Wall Printer is crucial for optimal performance and longevity,  when ink is in the system. It is recommended to conduct maintenance at least every other day, a process that takes no more than 15 minutes and involves a few straightforward steps. With diligent upkeep, the Epson printhead in your machine can last up to 2 years or more before requiring replacement. Additionally, an annual maintenance routine, including the replacement of disposable components as necessary, ensures your printer continues to operate efficiently.

How Often Do You Clean The Print Head?

Maintaining the printhead is a crucial aspect of owning a printer, requiring ongoing attention to ensure optimal performance. Regular maintenance, both before and after printing, is necessary to keep the printhead in excellent working condition. By adhering to a routine maintenance schedule, you can extend the lifespan and maintain the quality of your printer’s output.

Additional printheads are provided at no additional charge every two years with the purchase of the extended warranty.

What Are The Print Resolution Capabilities?

Our printers are optimized to produce high-quality prints near photo quality resolution up to 2880 dpi, ensuring crisp, detailed images. 

What Is The Expected Lifetime Of The Printer?

When properly maintained, our printers are engineered to deliver peak performance for 8-10 years.

What Model Is The Printhead?

We use printheads from the world leader for this printing technology; Epson printheads.

What Is The Warranty Period For The Printer?

Our printers come with a one-year warranty, complemented by lifetime support for training and troubleshooting to ensure you get the most out of your investment. For continued peace of mind beyond the first year, we offer extended warranty agreements covering parts and accessories. This commitment to quality and support underscores our dedication to providing lasting value and assistance to our customers.

Can the machine print from wall/floor edge to edge?

The closest our current printers can get to the walls are 9.25in to the left wall and 14in to the right wall as you are looking at the print surface.

Is The Printer WiFi Compatible?

Yes, our printers are Wi-Fi enabled for support purposes. Our team can login, diagnose and assist in repair and replacement of any parts or adjustments that may be required to attain proper performance of your printers.

Still Have Questions?

We’re here to fill in the blanks. Get in touch with TWP for any extra info or help you need. Need technical support? Click HERE