The WP-UV-T Wall Printer.

The Printer Taking The World By Storm.

Lead the way in your community by introducing this cutting-edge technology to the market. With its high return on investment and the constant demand for creative solutions, there’s never been a better time to start your printing empire.

Set Up Time

Tear Down Time

Printers Sold

Printable Surfaces

SQFT Per Hour Print Time

T Series Wall Printer 2024

Average Revenue If Completing Three 5' x 8' Prints A Week For A Year

Per ml Ink Cost

Time It Takes To Print A 5' x 8' Image

New Business Created

Average Profit For A 5' x 8' Print

What Can We Print On?

We like to test the limits of ALL our TWP printers, below are just some of the surfaces we and our TWP Entrepreneurs have had success in printing on:

The Specs

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Ink Costs & Print Time

Ink costs are roughly $0.16 per ml OR $160 per litre. 40 sqft uses 100 ml, costing $16 & takes about 2 hours to print.


Printable Size

Height: 8’8″ or 2.65 meters with extended rail, 5’5″ or 1.65 meters without the extension. Width: Unlimited.


Print Technology

VSDT variable ink drop technology, precision printing via laser crosshair. 


Operating System

1024×768 resolution 12″ built in screen, Intel Core i3 dual-core processor, 4GB RAM, 120GM SSD, Windows 7 with WiFi capabilities.  

Printheads & Resolution

TWP prides ourselves by only using the best. Our printers work with the Epson DX7 printhead at 720×2280 resolution.


Supported Image Formats


Connection Ports

2 x USB

Power Supply

110V – 380V

Machine Body

Aluminum – magnesium alloy profile, frame structure.

Surface Sensor

2 ultrasonic sensors, bidirectional operation

Shipping Dimensions

We like you to be aware of all aspects of your printer. H: 110″ W: 33″ Depth: 29″ Weight: 400lbs. 


XYZ Axis Dimension

X – Axis: 43cm
Y – Axis: 250cm
Z – Axis: 15cm


Ideal Working Environment

Without ink: 14° – 120° F (-10° – 49° C), 10% – 80% relative humidity
With ink: 60° – 90° F (15° – 32° C), 10% – 80% relative humidity. 


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