The Wall Printer (TWP) is a Cool Printing Machine for Printing Vertically

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The Wall Printer – Cool printing machine, facilitates durable image printing, indoors or outdoors, on any surface, with original art or signage. It literally can print anywhere. We want you to become a part of this amazing business technology by helping you start a successful wall printing business that specializes in creating murals, logos, and wall paintings on any surface. Located throughout the western hemisphere, the Wall Printer is not a franchise, but a resource that helps people start new businesses without an enormous overhead. People who purchase the printer and inks from TWP for their wall printing machines receive support and marketing insights from our headquarters location in Wilmington, North Carolina. The Wall Printer also provides exclusive rights to sell throughout a specific region from Canada to South America for those who wish to become a distributor and grow a geographic territory. The Wall Printer is a perfect entrée into the world of vertical printing and is especially appealing to people with a background in the arts, architecture, or interior design. We love helping people expand offerings and grow their bottom lines. 

The Wall Printer USA is the only vertical printing company headquartered in the United States.

We are proud to offer a unique cool printing machine a product, service, and business opportunity for anyone interested in becoming a successful business owner in North and South America. This state-of-the-art technology provides a cost-effective, commercially proven, reliable product for daily use. No other vertical wall printer has a higher print quality capability, The Wall Printer is the world’s leading patent-protected wall printer for art and signage, with 15 patents. It can print 3D effects in full HD quality at 1440 dpi. The Wall Printer can print up to 12’ high and any width. Add scaffolding and there is NO height limit! The machine is fast! It can cover 800 sq. ft. per hour, utilizing its ultrasonic sensors to detect wall smoothness. Adjusting as it goes, the wall printer provides UV protected images that will last a lifetime!

Stop painting wall murals and start printing them by starting a new wall printing business or expand your current business by adding this printing machine to your production capabilities.

Why You Should Own a Wall Printer Territory.

Be the go-to for vertical printing in your territory!

When you begin to realize the business advantages of wall printing, you may wish to dampen the competition. Choose not to settle. Consider owning a territory.

With territory ownership, you reap the following benefits:

• THE WALL PRINTER will not sell any machines or services within your territory, but you can.
• Get distributor pricing on all machines, inks, and accessories. That’s $5,000+ off on each machine you buy.
• We send all leads we receive for your area directly to you. That’s for machine sales or wall printing services.
• Exclusive owners become the first point of contact for sales within their territory for any sales or sub-licensing of territories within their territory. The only way an interested client can purchase a machine in your territory is through the territory owner.
• It’s important to know that owning a Wall Printer territory is not a franchise. No royalties or revenue is shared with “corporate.” You keep every penny of profit.

And you can create your own brand! While you have the rights to use THE WALL PRINTER trademark, you’re not obligated to. You can create your own company brand or continue to use the branding and logos that have brought success to the “The Wall Printer.”

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