We’ve written quite a bit about how the couple who run MiArte vertical printers. That is because they keep printing interesting murals and signage on unthought of surfaces.

Earlier this year, they actually printed a ceiling. Quite the challenge for a vertical wall printer.

It all started when a customer came to them, asking for a remaking of the Sistine Chapel on his ceiling.  Time to spark a little creative juicing…

How does one actually use a vertical wall printer to print upside down on a ceiling? After several days of considering their options, they decided: print on wood and then hang it on the ceiling.

They can do this, of course, because The Wall Printer can print on almost any surface. It would have worked even if they chose plaster or brick, copper or plastic. It would work indoors or outdoors.

But, in a beautiful South Florida home it now hangs on to the ceiling, entertaining those who repose – or simply stretch their necks to a series of unfamiliar angles.

The ceiling has quite the following. People from all over the world have contact MiArte on this topic alone, wondering how they, too, can offer ceiling painting for their clients.

Of course, it’s not paint. It’s ink – sort of like a printer that’s wall pen instead of a wall paintbrush. So the precision is unparalleled, and it lasts and lasts.

In this library, they’ve recreated an experience important to the home owners.

What mural would you have printed on your ceiling?