The Wall Printer® Announces 19 New Wall Printing Companies

by | Mar 24, 2021 | Press Releases

First year new business growth stretches from Ireland to Colombia, Canada to Puerto Rico, and across the US – Wall Printing Companies

Wilmington, NC – March 9, 2021 – The Wall Printer®, the only US-based supplier of vertical printers and supplies, announces that they have helped 19 companies start new businesses or expand current operations within their first year of operation. The company’s objective is to grow this nascent industry across the entirety of the western hemisphere and into the UK, making the world more beautiful one wall at a time, and empowering entrepreneurs to success.

“The technology behind Wall printing has been used internationally for years,” said Paul Baron, founder and CEO of Wall Printing USA. “Today, The Wall Printer is bringing this proven method of automatically painting wall art to North & South America and the UK. Our goal is to create new business opportunities and revenue for startup entrepreneurs and established businesses.”

The Wall Printer machine paints large digital graphic files of any artwork — sign or mural – vertically, on interior or exterior walls. It prints on drywall or brick, glass, tile, vinyl, cement, or wood. Ink and print quality are such that walls remain vibrant for years.

The Wilmington, NC-based company offers a non-franchise business opportunity. It allows entrepreneurs to develop their own business strategy and branding, building value on their own terms. There is also an option to purchase an exclusive territory to grow without competition. The Wall Printer supports their distributors and retail operators with training, supplies, marketing, and support. The Wall Printer’s global awareness drives local demand for these commercial and residential painting services.

Companies in the United States that are growing by printing on walls include: Color on the Wall, Middlesex, MA (distributor); Drako Design Custom Wall Printing, Dearborn, MI (distributor); I.C.E.D. Wall Printing, Atlanta, GA;  iPrint Walls, Houston, TX; Revolution Art, Matawan, NJ;  Mammoth Murals, Missouri City, TX (distributor); MiArte Vertical Wall Printing, Naples, FL (distributor); Montana Custom Wall Printing, Helena, MT; Print the Wall, Alpharetta, GA; SmART Wall Printing, Baltimore, MD (distributor); Writings on the Wall, Seagate, NC (distributor); Montana Custom Wall Printing in Helena, MT (distributor); Wall Coast, San Juan, PR (distributor); Creative Printing Plus, Iowa City, IA; and Wyoming Wall Printing, Cody, WY.

International companies include: Imagine-It Wall Printing, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (distributor); Wall Print NI,  Antrim County, Northern Ireland; Walls Branding, Bogota, Colombia; and Mural Print in  Monterrey, Mexico.

About The Wall Printer

The Wall Printer® (TWP) is a new way to print vertically. The printer facilitates durable image printing, indoors or outdoors, on any surface, with original art or signage. The Wilmington, NC-based company helps people start and grow successful businesses printing murals, branding, and wall art, throughout the western hemisphere. Learn how you can help make the world more beautiful one wall at a time at www.thewallprinter.com.

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