MiArte Prints Art Murals Across Southwestern Florida

by | Jun 1, 2021 | Press Releases

Embraces The Wall Printer to bring art to walls, ceilings, airport hangers

NAPLES, FL, USA, June 1, 2021 — Floridians are seeing more beauty these days, thanks to a new Naples company called MiArte. Owners Maribel and Freddys Ortiz have purchased The Wall Printer, a vertical printer that prints murals on almost any surface. The business, founded in 2020, ramped up quickly and has already printed art on more than 25 walls, windows, ceilings and even airport hangers.

“We had been looking for a business that could allow us to express ourselves,” said Maribel Ortiz, who has had a variety of creative jobs. “When we saw the ad for The Wall Printer (TWP) and learned about vertical printing, we were hooked. My husband and I looked at each other and simultaneously – in two languages – exclaimed ‘this is it!” – or, in Freddys’ case, ‘esto es!’”

“It’s as though people have been waiting for this opportunity. … We’re really making murals available to everyone!”

Maribel Ortiz, Co-Founder, MiArte

After some research, they decided to purchase The Wall Printer®, the only US-based supplier of vertical printers and supplies. They had been impressed with the owner’s commitment, the quality of the manufacturing, and the accessibility of support and training.

They started in November 2020 by printing a 5’x8’ mural on their wall at home and posted photos to Facebook. They immediately began getting inquiries.
“We were astonished,” said Ortiz. “It’s as though people have been waiting for this opportunity. It’s so much fun to see what kind of ideas people have for putting art on walls. We’re really making murals available to everyone, not just those who can afford to hire an artist for weeks of work.”

The Wall Printer machine paints large digital graphic files of any artwork — sign or mural – vertically, on interior or exterior walls. It prints on nearly any material and remains vibrant for years. MiArte is the first company to print murals on ceilings with a vertical printer. Their work is the envy of people world-wide, demonstrated by the number of inquiries they’ve received from areas as far away as Italy.

“We couldn’t be more impressed with the work Maribel and Freddys are doing,” said Paul Baron, founder and CEO of Wall Printing USA. “Their passion and creativity will certainly bring them ongoing success. They are also helping us achieve our corporate goal: to make the world more beautiful, one wall at a time.”

About MiArte
MiArte is a Naples, Florida based
company offering vertical wall printing
services throughout the State.
Founded in 2020, the company was the
first to use a vertical printer to print a
mural on ceilings. For more
information visit www.miarteverticalwallprints.com.

About The Wall Printer
The Wall Printer® (TWP) is a new way to print vertically. The printer facilitates durable image printing, indoors or outdoors, on any surface, with original art or signage. The Wilmington, NC- based company helps people start and grow successful businesses printing murals, branding, and wall art, throughout the western hemisphere. Learn how you can help make the world more beautiful one wall at a time at www.thewallprinter.com.
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Maribel and Freddys Ortiz

MiArte Vertical Wall Printing
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