Ask a Business Owner: Why Choose The Wall Printer?

by | May 5, 2021 | Startups

Ask a business owner:

In 2020, Maribel and Freddys Ortiz were looking for a business that would truly express themselves. In southwestern Florida, people are always looking for something fun, something creative, and some unique way to make a statement about themselves. But most importantly, Freddy and Murielle were ready to make in investment in building their dreams.

Research brought them to the The Wall Printer.

“Once we learned about vertical printing, we were hooked,” said Maribel. “The ability to take any digital artwork and print it on a wall just opens so many doors. In fact, it can even print on doors!”

They contacted several companies who offer wall printing machines during their due diligence. They kept coming back to The Wall Printer over and over. According to the husband-and-wife team, there were at least five reasons The Wall Printer was the right choice:

  1. Located in the U.S.A “We wanted a company we can reach at any time. Plus, it’s important to have next day delivery on parts and inventory instead of waiting weeks from another country.”
  2. “We looked at a lot of machines. This is the best print quality out there.”
  3. “The price was fair – especially compared to other machines.”
  4. Customer Service. “Their customer service and sales rep were on point – Excellent. Customer service is very important to me when it comes to doing business. They exceeded my expectations.”
  5. Easy Decision. “There’s a lot to learn with a new business. The sales pep helped us because he was extremely knowledgeable about The Wall Printer machine, the market and the other competitors.”

But when they opened MiArte Vertical Wall Printing, they decided to open more than a wall printing service. They decided to purchase the entire territory, ensuring they would have control over their entire region.

“We know this business is going to boom and we want to be a part of that,” said Freddys. “Being a distributor is the right way for us to go.”

After several months, they remain bullish.

“We we are very excited to get our business growing. I know we made the right the decision by going into this futuristic printing business, because our printing experience has been great, and we are looking forward to growing and expanding throughout the region.”


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