Start A Wall Printing Business

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The Benefits of Starting a Mural Painting Business with a Wall Printer Machine


The art of mural painting is evolving, expanding, and moving into new horizons.  The introduction of the automatic wall printer machine is opening doors and opportunities to greater numbers of artists and creative business entrepreneurs.


Growth Potential for A Mural Printing Business

The growth potential for your business is endless – the target market is immense. After receiving your first few orders and completing them, you can begin to develop a greater customer base. You can use your finished products as presentations for future clients. Photos of your past works can serve as your portfolio for the future. You can upload them to your company’s website and social media as a means for greater exposure.

Design That Suits The Way Your Clients Live.

Operating a wall printer for murals has recently experienced an astounding increase in popularity. It’s both a cheaper and faster option for creating murals.

As the number of potential clients have grown, so has the demand and the opportunities for success.

How Does A Mural Painting Business Make Money?

After finding a client and agreeing on the design, it’s mainly up to you to decide the price. With a wall printer machine, you would usually find yourself charging for the square foot of painted space.

You would estimate the cost of this painting beforehand, and if you wish to, you could charge your client half of the price before you begin.

After you begin building your customer base, the profits begin to roll in.

Why The Wall Printer?

We qualified to be the best in The USA and Canada and also ship TWP worldwide

Mobile printing

Fast printing

Uses highly pigmented, durable, and eco-friendly UV ink

Prints effortlessly on any vertical surface

Easy setup

No shape restrictions

From 4 m (~13 ft) high, unlimited width

Runs on 15 patented technologies

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