Our Printers

The Wall Printer is a new way to print vertically. From signage to original art, our printer can quickly produce durable, long-lasting murals on any surface, indoors or outdoors. It is the fastest and most cost effective way to communicate visually.


Our Customers

We help people start and operate successful small businesses throughout the western hemisphere. And, in turn, make the world more beautiful one wall at a time.

We succeed each time we drive the success of a new company. Our goal is a new generation of companies who help their customers and communities express themselves with wall art.

Our Mission

To make the world more beautiful one wall at a time;
To make businesses succeed one customer at a time.

Our Values

Innovation, Transparency, Customer focused service.
Loyalty to our customers and our team members.

Our Story

As serial entrepreneur Paul Baron was looking for the next big thing, he came across a new concept: vertical printing. It was an idea new to America but known for years throughout Asia, India, the Middle East, and Europe. The idea of painting indoor and outdoor murals inexpensively for artists and building owners, appealed to him. To print on walls of any surface material, reliably and accurately, appealed to him.

After looking hard at the few manufacturers offering this innovative technology, in 2019 Paul finalized an agreement with the oldest and leading manufacturer in Asia. He chose them, he said, because the value and price point combined well with the quality of the design and assembly, and support to be able to scale to meet the needs of the North & South American markets.

Since then the company has sold more than 50 distributorships in over 90 markets and helped establish new businesses across mainland US and Canada, Central & South America, the Caribbean and Puerto Rico. They are inviting new customers to learn about Wall Printing and the compelling business opportunity it represents.

The Wall Printer will be expanding throughout North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean quickly over the next few years. As Wall Printing businesses grow, the company will support them with tangible solutions, inks, parts, outstanding service, and the marketing to expand their successful Wall Printing services locally.

“The Local Wall Printer Team came into my restaurant and did an awesome mural in one day! It’s cool that one of our local photographer’s photos could be printed by their machine. I’ve already sent them dozens of referrals because all of my customers think it looks amazing!”


Executive Leadership

Paul Baron is the founder and chief executive officer of The Wall Printer USA. Paul is responsible for all executive functions, assuring the growth of the corporation and of the businesses that purchase a Wall Printer. His decades of business experience span B2B, B2C, retail, manufacturing, distribution, international business, and franchising. Paul has personally developed and launched business concepts and supported successful revenue growth, which leads to exits for several start-ups and established businesses.

Paul thrives in rapid growth, high-energy environments, and values a diverse culture with good people who like to dream big, work hard, and have fun. He leads with a positive attitude, humor, and humility.

An articulate communicator with outstanding public speaking and presentation skills, Paul is frequently asked to guest lecture at industry events. He is a mentor to business owners and student interns at the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) and at UNCW’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE.) Paul serves on advisory boards at UNCW’s Business School’s Entrepreneurship track, at non-profit organizations, and privately held businesses in Wilmington, Atlanta, and NY. PAUL earned a BS in Mathematics with an education minor at the State University of  New York at New Paltz and studied advanced Mathematics at the University of New Hampshire.

The Wall Printer will be expanding throughout North and South America and the UK quickly over the next few years. Paul welcomes your interest in establishing an exclusive local Wall Printing business in your home territory.

Why The Wall Printer

A relatively new concept, vertical printers are beginning to take the industry by storm. The applications are nearly limitless because it prints any digital image on virtually any surface. The bright and durable ink provides a lasting expression on walls or buildings.

• The Wall Printer USA is the only vertical printing company headquartered in the United States.
• On-hand inventory and support to service our customers throughout the western hemisphere and the UK.
• Multilingual, we are committed to the best in service and support.
• The Wall Printer USA uses state-of-the-art technology developed originally in Asia.
• Cost-effective, 15 patents, and commercially-proven for reliability and daily use.
• Can print in 100% waterproof inks on nearly any type of surface, porous or non-porous
• Mobile: Easy to transport, move, set up, and maintain.